I’ve helped over 500 families realise their dream…

“My life’s work has been dedicated to helping people grow their family….”


I am one of the principal Fertility Specialists at Melbourne IVF, Mt Waverley.

Melbourne IVF are known as the pioneers of IVF in Australia and performs the most IVF procedures in Victoria with success rates ranking amongst the best in the world!

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My skills as a qualified Fertility Specialist, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with an additional sub-specialisation in Infertility IVF and Reproductive medicine allow me to offer you the the widest range of fertility treatments available.

Your fertility journey

One in every six Australian couples face fertility challenges!

Embarking on the path of starting a family is exciting. It can be a very emotional and stressful time, especially when there is no success and the months and years go by.

I understand the frustration and have seen it in hundreds of my patients. I have a kind hearted, approachable manner. I aim to make you feel like you’re sitting across from a trusted friend that you can talk to about your fertility issues.

There are so many factors that may be contributing to your infertility. That’s why I undertake an advanced fertility assessment, before analysing and discussing your fertility treatment options with you.

Finding the best fertility solution

I don’t believe IVF is necessarily the answer to your fertility problems. 

“I believe in finding you the best fertility solution that suits your individual situation.”

As a Fertility Specialist I can analyse and decipher your fertility needs:

  • Is it nature needing a helping hand or;
  • Is significant scientific help required?

After the fertility assessment and analysing any necessary test results, the next step is discussing your potential treatment options. This gives you the opportunity to ask all the relevant questions in relation to your fertility treatment.

“I provide fertility solutions ranging from the simplest, to the most complex innovative treatments that are available.”

Over 20 years of specialist medical reproductive experience

I am an award winning fertility specialist with over 20 years of reproductive medicine experience.

I have worked at the forefront of IVF and other reproductive developments in Australia and the United States.

I also offer you broad-ranging specialist clinical experience in both male and female infertility.


Specialist knowledge and experience

That could give you the best chance to grow your family

I have dedicated my life to fertility and reproductive science. My goal has been to offer my patients the the most broad range fertility treatment options available in Australia.  To reach this goal I have specialised in:

Obstetrics – The branch of medical science focusing on pregnancy, childbirth and caring and treating women in or in connection with childbirth. 

Infertility – In both male and females.

Reproductive Endocrinology – Specialty training in reproductive medicine addressing hormonal function in relation to infertility.

I grew up here in Victoria and studied at Monash University completing a sup-speciality in Reproductive Endocrinology.

Gynaecology – The medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive systems (vagina, uterus and ovaries) and the breasts including problems such as period or menstrual pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, fibroids, and infertility.

Laparoscopic Surgery – It’s a modern surgical technique. Instead of making a large incision or cut for an operation, tiny incisions are made. The operation uses tiny surgical instruments and a small medical camera to view the desired area. Also called minimally invasive surgery (MIS), bandaid surgery, or keyhole surgery. Incisions are usually only 0.5 cm – 2.5 cm. One of the potential advantages is that recovery time can be significantly less than traditional surgery.

Microsurgery – Microsurgery is a general term for surgery requiring an operating microscope. The most obvious developments have been procedures developed to allow anastomosis of successively smaller blood vessels and nerves (typically 1 mm in diameter) which have allowed transfer of tissue from one part of the body to another.

To further advance my knowledge and better understand your potential infertility issues, I completed my postgraduate studies at University of Sydney receiving a Masters of Medicine in Reproductive Science.


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It’s about you, not science or surgery

I understand the frustration and confusion you’re most likely experiencing. Most of my patients ask:

  • What is involved to determine my/our fertility issues?
  • What are the potential treatment options?
  • What are the costs and what rebates that are involved?
  • What are the success rates of the different treatments?
  • Does my partner need to come to appointments?

Trying to become pregnant without success is extremely emotional and stressful. I will personally walk you through every step of your fertility journey.

My great service and professional treatments continue on from my consulting suites through to the experts in the labs of Melbourne IVF and delightful nurses who will assist with your fertility treatment.


To make it easier for you

I have extended consulting hours into the late evening to accommodate work and other commitments and ease the stress of seeking treatment. 

You will also have access to an after hours contact for urgent matters that’s linked directly to me. You aren’t just a number at my clinic, you are cared for and respected as a person.

We’ve helped over 1200 families grow
Over 20 years fertility experience
17% of people experience infertility

We talk to people just like you about female infertility issues everyday – Take the next step

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Lauren our Practice Manager:


 1800 255 975  

Urgent after hours emergency contact 0466 523 433


 Proud member of The Fertility Society of Australia.